Description of “Shipyard Lotos”

Shipyard “Lotos” is a unique and one-of-a-kind in the industry, built in the late 80's, designed for the construction of inland vessels and block sets topside modules for fixed platforms, designed for oil and gas exploration and production on the continental shelf of seas and oceans.

Shipyard “Lotos” , one of the largest companies of the Astrakhan region and the Southern region of Russia, has qualified staff and great technical capabilities, has certificates of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Russian River Register, GL, is included into the consolidated register of enterprises of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

Hull production

  • Steel structures production capacity – 17 000 tn per year
  • Steel warehouse with cranes of 32 tn lifting capacity
  • Metal cutting with plasma-cutting machines Granat
  • Press machine with 800 t of load
  • Bending of steel plates up to 25 mm in thickness

Assembly-welding production

  • Five sheltered staples 200 m long and 24 m wide each
  • We provide a certain fabrication activity at each phase of line production method
  • Lifting capacity cranes shop - 100 tons
  • Mass produced units - up to 200 tons

Consolidation and formation volume docking blocks

  • Six sheltered staples 250 m long and 24 m wide each
  • Lifting capacity cranes shop - 100 tn
  • Number of cranes in flight 4
  • Supply of all energy
  • Output to open slipway for docking
  • Longitudinal and transverse rails crossing in the same plane

Rig-down and rig-up equipment and the outfitting quay

  • Wedge trolleys with 6 000 tn maximum lifting capacity
  • Length of the outfitting quay 150 m
  • Portal crane of 80 tn lifting capacity
  • Upgraded railway extension