Customer: OMS Shipping, Kazakhstan
Location: Caspian Sea
Type of object: Tug-boats (capacity 880 kW)

The vessels having capacity of 880 kWR are designed to tow the non-propelled barges of until 4000 tons displacement and with the speed of up to 5 knots, to move the vessels within the water area of ports, to moor the vessels at berths and to participate in rescue operations. Possible navigation area is the Caspian Sea.

The main technical characteristics:

  • length – 24,5 m,
  • overall width – 8 m,
  • depth – 3,7 m,
  • full load displacement – 260 tons.
Scope of works: Development of working documentation, Construction
Type of contract: Lump sum
Delivery date: 2014
Tug-boats (capacity 880 kW)

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