Customer: Agip KCO (general customer), a consortium
Location: Northern part of the Caspian Sea
Type of object: Utility module No.10 for the Kashagan oilfield

A utility barge incorporated in the infrastructure of the Kashagan field (Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea), where it services the oil and gas production complex. The module is a part of the experimental program for the development of the field. Functionality – fire-fighting, freshwater system, nitrogen production.

The equipment of the module includes: air compressors, liquid fuel storage tanks, water desalination systems and process water storage units, nitrogen generating units, as well as fire control systems, including pumps and tanks for fire-fighting.

Main characteristics:

  • Length – 95 m
  • Breadth– 16,5 m
  • Weight – 4 000 t
  • Double-decked topside.
Scope of works: Development of the workshop documentation, Construction
Type of contract: Reimbursable basis
Delivery date: 2008
Utility module No.10 for the Kashagan oilfield

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