Customer: LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft, Russia
Location: Northern part of the Caspian Sea, V.Filanovskogo field
Type of object: Ice-resistant fixed platform (IFP-1)

The platform is designed for simultaneous drilling and operation of drilled wells. Drilling rig complex provides drilling of a bush of 11 directional wells with horizontal completions of trunk, including eight exploitation wells and 3 injection wells to maintain reservoir pressure.

Main dimensions:

  • Dimensions (length, breadth, height) – 80 х 50 х 20 m
  • Capacity of power station – 4 х 8 MW
  • Weight – about 14 000 ton
  • Water depth – about 7 m
  • Ice thickness – till 1 m.
Scope of works: Workshop documentation, Construction, Commissioning
Type of contract: Lump sum
Delivery date: 2016
Ice-resistant fixed platform (IFP-1)

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